Thursday, September 10, 2009

27 random things about me ;) it goes!

27 Pictures, Images and Photos

1. TANG TANG is my nickname :)

2. I blow candles on June 17th.

3. I eat banana with a fork.

4. fave ice cream flavor: mango

5. I can't sing :(

6. I wanna name my daughter HAYLEY :) *the famed hayley williams 'drools'

7. I like guys who smell really nice <3

8. I like guys with soft hands. *plus points :)

9. I like the smell of burnt matchstick

10. I want a permanent tatoo *inset evil smirk here*

11. I've never been in a plane

12. I wanna punch Miley Cyrus in the face

13. I want a RED Mitsubishi Strada someday :D

14. I've been dreaming of owning a Polaroid *sobs* x_x

15. I'm loving make-ups

16. I love pink and orange and yellow :)

17. I collect anything with sentimental values (got 3 drawers full of 'em)

18. Galit ako sa mga artista >:]

19. I love lakwatchas :D

20. Guys with ear piercing attract me :)

21. I like making people laugh :)

22. I have bad dentures T_T

23. I got no middle name

24. I got 3 piercings

25. I love stars

26. I'm an aspiring photographer

27.I think a LOT.


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