Friday, April 24, 2009

why rush?i mean..duh?!

The following statements are just random thoughts from my out of this world super imaginative slash immature mind :]


Things got really confusing for the past few days. And I never got pass through the drama and everything. And it’s really freakin’… *ugh! can’t even find the right term for super depressing and disappointing slash heartbreaking effin word!

Don’t you just hate the saying, “People come and go…”? It’s just plain depressing. You’ll never know how long you can be with them. And as for that, you’ll hate this one even more, “There’s no such thing as forever!”. Time just runs out so fast. We just met and said our Hellos yesterday, then you’re telling me that your flight is scheduled on Monday. I just hate the feeling. Talk about missing you so bad. You’ll come back, right? :[


Time. Besides from the fact that it's the number 1 best selling magazine in the world, it's one sure deadline that's hard to beat. One day you're just a freshman in high school. The next day you're in the hospital's delivery room, having your first born at 16! Gawd ! It's just so darn UNBELIEVABLE. I mean, "Patience is STILL a virtue" right? How come y'all came rushing down with the bandwagon? Though it's a current trend, it doesn't mean it's trendy. The fact that you are having a bump instead of a curve, which means you can't fit into those skinny jeans of yours and that body-hugging tank top you bought at that fancy boutique, is an evidence that it's not really "trendy" at all. Why go with the flow? When you should be swimming against the "current" because only dead fishes go with the flow. Isn't the sex education taught in school enough? I'm guessing No. *ding ding ding ding! you just won the jackpot! It actually depends on you 99%. As for the 1%? It's a room for luck. Thinking twice isn't good enough either. It depends solely on how you know who you really are.

So much for that. I can't comment on this issue further since I don't have the right to judge people by their acts. Another thing, It's not that this is a real story or anything. This is one of my stereotypical stories gathered from common tragic life novels of some random people I don't even know if they really exist.

*This is just one of my stupid opinions which doesn't really matter cause it's.. uhm.. STUPID :]

BTW, comments are highly appreciated. World peace! :]


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  1. bravo!!! your professors are true! your writing prowess's really that amazing! keep it up girl and soon you'll never be far behind that slashes... ♥♥♥