Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is actually a homework so I thought, might as well post it here. It does qualify as a blog post ain't it? It's about ambitions. Here it goes.

“So what do you want to be when you grow up?” Like most kids, I was asked this question repeatedly while growing up. And for some time, I thought I knew the answer. I would always answer, “I want to be a teacher, just like Nanay.” My grandma would tell us stories about how she made a living through teaching. It sounded like a great experience. During elementary years, my teachers would complain about their small salary. As a 4th grader, I was already aware of how a job works- you work then you get paid. The small salary thing about public school teachers made me think twice. I was discouraged and immediately changed my ambition. I decided to be a nurse instead. Only to realize, who am I kidding? I’m afraid of blood, of wounds. I easily get grossed out. In high school, I had lots of dream jobs. But the one that I really wanted was to become an artist. I made up my mind, and decided to take Fine Arts in college. I told my mom about it and she’s happy about my decision. My first choice was to take Fine Arts in UP. My mom and I had an agreement that she will only let me study in Manila if I’m going to either UP or UST. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass the UPCAT. I kind of expected it. I feel like I was not smart enough to go to UP. I gave up on UST because I didn’t want my mom to die of hunger and stress about debts. So I decided to study here in Naga.

The last 2 months for high school was packed with career talks and college admission tests. I took the exams for most of the schools here in Naga. I passed each exam and I was even offered a few scholarship grants. It all came down to two choices, Nursing in USI or DIA in Ateneo. I had to follow my dreams of becoming an artist, maybe not the artist I’m hoping for but somehow close to what I had in mind.

Hopefully, I'll be graduating in March 2011. Thanks Mom. Thanks Papa God :)

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  1. March is approaching. Happy dat you're reaching your goal ryt now. I accidentally viewed ur blogsite. Hahah..enjoy ur last days in college, u'll miss it sobra. Pagnabago isip mo,mgpakamaster ka sa labas,bumalik ka to teach. Wish u luck! Godbless!